Walking The Zambezi

Walking the Zambezi

On the first stage of my expedition I walked for 97 days and covered over 2000 km by foot along the mighty Zambezi river. I was then forced to make a decision about whether or not to enter Mozambique. At the time there was civil war happening in the regions where I would have been walking. So was warned highly about entering the country during that time.
It was one of the most heart breaking and difficult decisions I have ever had to make whilst on an expedition – for I had certainly developed summit fever and was so so determined to reach the Indian Ocean and my end goal in one journey.
But I had lost around 3 stone in weight since the beginning of my journey and was starting to seriously lose touch with the reality of my situation. I then had to make the extremely hard decision to stop my walk there and wait for the trouble to die down before continuing on…….
Luckily the fighting stopped in Mozambique and in 2017 (8 months later) I went back and spent another 40 days walking the remaining 1000 km and reached the Indian Ocean on September 19th, completing my dream goal of walking the Zambezi river from its source to the sea.
In total I walked for 137 days, took over 4 million steps and covered over 3000 km by foot along Africa’s wildest river!
It really was – The Wildest Journey
¬†Full story coming soon…..