Support from Craghoppers

When I first started to plan my walk, I knew that the equipment I chose and the clothing that I would wear, had to be just right for many different reasons…

The daily temperatures would be exceeding 50°C, so I needed material that could wick away any moisture, but at the same time keep me covered from the suns harmful rays.

I also needed to be protected from mosquitoes, ticks or any other harmful insects, that carry serious life threatening diseases within the Sub Saharan African region where I was walking.

I wanted to look neutral and blend into the environment, so as not to scare the wildlife or bring any unnecessary attention to myself in the built up areas.

I was then over the moon to be offered support from Craghoppers, with their Nosi life range ticking all of the boxes in keeping me protected from both the sun and the deadly insects.

Being an ambassador for such a life changing, innovative and forward thinking company, has been such a huge honour and one that I am truly thankful and proud to be a part of.

Photo by Alex Frood

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