Just when I thought the challenge was over..


It’s always nice to know what happens once the story ends!

After reaching the Indian Ocean I had to then make my way back to civilization!

After getting beached in between mangroves and the ocean, I was forced to flag down a passing fishing boat, which cargoed me to a nearby shore!

From there my only option was a 15 hour overnight boat journey back down the Zambezi! This was slow and painful and consisted of me being cramped in with the vast amounts of cargo and locals!

I fell asleep on bags of dried fish, waking with sore ribs and not smelling too fresh! All eyes were on the strange Muzungu, cramped in amongst the locals!

Once I had reached the nearest town 60km away, I hitched a lift with a lorry driver and headed to Caia where I was told I could get a bus!

I reached Caia 6 hours later and stayed the night. The following morning I managed to get a bus. The only problem was the bus was full and I had to stand up as a passenger for 9 hours! The roads were bumpy and I felt tired, exhausted and sick!

But I eventually reached Beira after 2 days of travelling non stop by any means possible! and from there I flew to Maputo, where I was fined for overstaying my visa!

Then I took a flight via Nairobi to reach the UK!

Now you can see why I like my walking so much! 😜 ha

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