Expedition & Route Planning – The 8D’s

When it comes to planning a major expedition or even just a remote wild trip to a nearby woodland or national park, I always stick to the 8D’s!

Number 1 – Destination!

Where is it I’m going? The biggest yet most exciting of choices – I think of a destination or route I would like to pursue, grab myself a map and get out there and explore!


Number 2 – Direction!

Which direction am I going to take? When plotting a route on the map, there is always a direction to take, whether it be following a river, road, desert or ocean, there will be a direction to follow to reach my end goal and accomplish my mission!


Number 3 – Distance!

What is the distance I am going to cover? Whether I’m plotting a major expedition along a mighty river, or just heading to a nearby castle or folly, then it’s always good to know how much distance I will be covering!


Number 4 – Duration!

How long will my journey take? Once I know the distance I will be covering then its time to work out how long my expedition or route should take me to accomplish!


Number 5 – Description!

What’s the description of my route, what features am I likely to pass – Is it very remote? or am I passing through towns and cities? knowing this information will give me a more accurate idea of how I should go about tackling my expedition or route!


Number 6 – Dangers!

What dangers am I likely to encounter on my journey? Once I know the description of my route, I can then work out the likely dangers that I may encounter during this trip!


Number 7 – Doh! (Homer Simpson)

This is a point where I know I may have gone too far! It may be a landmark on my map where I know I have made a mistake, a point where I need to stop, think, and possibly re plan, re-evaluate or even end my journey!

We all get summit fever towards the end of a journey and it’s all too easy to forget about the high risks and dangers involved with pushing yourself too far!


Number 8 – Do it!

Don’t be put off by other peoples opinions of your dreams and aspirations, we will always be discouraged when faced with potential dangers or risks. But we only get one chance to follow our hearts and live our dreams, if you have an aim and a passion within you to take those risks, then do it!, before it’s too late.

Get out there and explore!

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