The deadly Tsetse fly!

During my journey I used my trusty Lowe Alpine 35L trekking pack, which to date has stayed with me on most of my lightweight adventures.

When I reached National Parks, I would often see flags that were identical in colour and resembled that of my trusty blue bag.

But only towards the end of my journey, did I actually manage to find out what these flags were designed for.

They were a trap for the deadly Tsetse fly!

And the blue colour would attract them before they would then get stuck to the trap and be killed!

The Tsetse fly is probably the most deadly fly on the planet and if bitten by one these critters then you’re highly likely to catch African sleeping sickness, which if left untreated can be fatal.

I would often see my bag covered in flys and if you look closely at the picture, you can see the flys all around it.

These small details on exped are often overlooked and it takes so much planning to execute these most dangerous of journeys.

Next time no blue for me! 😉

Photo by – Alex Frood

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