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Chaz Powell

The man behind the journey…

My story so far –

After leaving the UK in 2004 and embarking on a backpacking adventure I travelled the world on and off for 8 years, visiting many amazing places, exploring various continents and embracing some incredible life changing experiences, until finally deciding upon the path I wanted to take… In 2012 I came back to the UK to obtain my Mountain Leader Award and pursue my passion to work as an Expedition Leader and Survival Instructor and to try pushing my adventures further and even more remote. I knew I wanted to discover wilder lands that were little known to others, lands where people daren’t venture due to tales of danger, mystery and the unknown. Something that would take me to a whole new level of exploration and be my ultimate adventure. So, in 2016 and 2017 I spent a combined duration of 137 days walking for over 3000km from source to sea along the mighty Zambezi river. An expedition that for me was the ultimate test – To walk the length of Africa’s wildest river….. This was to be the beginning of ‘The Wildest Journey’ and my mission to walk Africa’s wildest rivers from source to sea in the battle against wildlife crime….